Show up for yourself.
Speak your truth.
Be free.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with 
your one wild and precious life?

-Mary Oliver

Does saying, “No” to friends, family, or work feel impossible? 

Do you feel like you’re crumbling from the weight of holding everyone else’s problems? 

Have you lost touch with who you are, what you want, and what you need? 

Have you come to believe that your worthiness depends on how perfectly you please others? 

Are you overwhelmed with shame if you’re not perfect? 

You’re empathic, and that is a beautiful thing. You are deeply caring and you feel emotions – yours and others - in an intense and expansive way. You want to help, you want to care for others, and you want to make them happy.

But you may have noticed that you’re getting frustrated or angry when others don’t reciprocate or show appreciation. You might feel overwhelmed and exhausted with the effort you’re putting in. You might notice you’ve become resentful of others. And even more concerning, you may have lost touch with your own needs, and your sense of self. Your deepest desire is for connection with others. Your deepest fear is rejection.

There is good news: You can understand, own, and share your truth. You can practice courage in saying “no”. You can learn self-compassion and how to best support your needs while also helping others.

Healing starts with you. Learning how to reclaim your identity. Learning how to know, love, and support yourself. Turning all the love and support you have for others onto yourself with a fierce sense of self-compassion.

It’s your life. Will you keep giving away your power, or will you start to support yourself in expressing your own needs? Will you learn to live out loud?

About Julia Krump, LCSW

Therapy for people-pleasing, perfectionism, and burnout.
Therapy for recovery from religious trauma.
Therapy for anxiety, depression, and C-PTSD.

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